How We Do It!

Members of the business team celebrate their success on the way to the World Competition
Members of the business team celebrate their success on the way to the World Competition


Business and Development (BAD) is in charge of team branding, developing the business plan, and outreach.  BAD develops everything from spirit wear to the team website. The Riveter’s business team has been recognized by FIRST Robotics through the team spirit award, received in 2022. Previously the Riveters have been awarded the entrepreneurship award for our comprehensive and organized business plan.  For team imagery, BAD takes inspiration from Rosie the Riveter for our merchandise.  BAD strives to bring Rosie and her inspirational message to life through our classic, red and white polka dot uniform design, team logos, pit design, and website.

Members of the CAD subgroup celebrating their win!


Fabrication, Assembly and Design (FAD) is composed of mechanical and CAD students who work together to create our team’s robot.  The team Safety Captain and pit staff are also part of FAD, although they may have roles in other subgroups. CAD generates full 3D renderings of all aspects of the robot in Autodesk Inventor.  This gives the Mechanical group an understanding of what they need to fabricate.  FAD’s efforts are valued and essential to creating a successful robot.


The PEP team is responsible for the Programming, Electronics, and Pneumatics systems of our robot.  Each programmer is assigned to a function of the robot so that they can work with and develop their code throughout the season.  PEP team uses LabView to code, a graphics-based programming language. 

PEP also designs and builds the electrical board and determines the sensors which are needed for the robot.  When pneumatics are used, the PEP subgroups works to plumb, wire, and program that system as well.

PEP helps build a successful robot
Drive Team working hard!


Following kickoff the Strategy and Drive (SAD) subgroup specializes in breaking down the game in order to provide the guidelines and requirements to build a multi-functioning productive robot. SAD communicates with FAD to assist in designing the most efficient and high-performing robot for the year’s specific game qualifications. During competitions, SAD scouts while analyzing match data to pick the best alliance to help us win the competition.  The scouting team is an important part of SAD as during competitions they focus on analyzing opponents’ robots and determining who the best allies may be for the later stages of the competition.