Competition Seasons

2019 Season – Destination: Deep Space

During the 2019 season, the Riveters worked on thrilling new robotic developments for the game Destination Deep Space. The SAD and FAD team used their impeccable design creativity to fabricate never before seen robotic features. These new enhancements include a vacuum for the intake of hatch and cargo, a tank drive, an intake arm with mecanum wheels, climb-2 stilts and a pulley system used with the intake arm in order to climb. 

At the Jackson competition, each subteam played an important role in winning first place. In addition to the success of the robot, the BAD team was awarded with the Engineering Inspiration Award for their eloquent presentation, highlighting the technical and mechanical capabilities of the robot. As a reflection of the Riveters hard work, we were invited to worlds where we won the Imagery Award. FIRST Robotics grants this award to the team who “Celebrates attractiveness in engineering and outstanding visual aesthetic integration of machine and team appearance.”

2020-2021 Season – Infinite Recharge


Her sister, R-14 was where all of the initial build and prototyping happened for Infinite Recharge’s challenges. We transferred what we learned from R-14 to R-81 and had her ready for a Week 1 event at FIM Southfield

At our first event with a qualification record of 9-3-0, R-81 was ranked 3rd out of 38 teams. For the first time in Riveters’ history, the team took home the prestigious Chairman’s Award.Congratulations to the entire team and especially the Chairman’s sub team. We are grateful the judges recognized the impact this team and all of it sponsors have had in encouraging women to pursue Engineering and STEM related studies in college.

Thank you parents, guardians, mentors, sponsors and our amazing alliance partners for the best start to a FIRST season The Riveters have ever had. We will continue to show young women that STEM careers are not only open to them, but desperately need their contributions.

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2022 Season – Rapid React


 After almost two years off, the Riveters are back at it again. Fluffy is named after Cerberus the three headed dog from Greek Mythology. Fluffy’s climb system utilizes a three arm system, hence the three headed dog reference. Fluffy adopted the catchphrase ”Beware: Fluffy Bites” after many incidents resulting in minor injuries. In our first District Competition, the Riveters led a tough battle resulting in the Riveters captaining the 7th place alliance. Our second District Competition resulted in the Riveters captaining the 8th place alliance – also taking home the spirit award.

2023 Season – Charged Up


Diplo led the Riveters to the State and World Competitions in 2023. After performing exceptionally well in our state competition, the Riveters packed our bags and flew to Houston Texas for the first time to compete in the FIRST World Competition.